Nissan Clean India (NCI) is a company specializing in automatic car washing machine development, production and sale. To provide users with high-quality, high-performance, intelligent automatic car wash system, the company set research and development, processing and production as a whole. Brought together a group of professional and technical innovation team, advance with the times, keep trying, developed to produce excellent quality, technologically advanced automatic washing system, is the pioneer and leader in manufacturing of automatic car wash system.

Magicwash 360 non-contact computer washing machines for cleaning industry has been developed after more than 10 years of experience and technical principles of most advanced car wash equipment manufacturer’s research and development. The car wash system is fully automated, without manual operation, automatic completion of the cleaning of the vehicle, care, waxing, polishing, coating, air-dried , to achieve a real sense of care on the full integration of the smart car cleaning equipment.

Our company product quality is in strict accordance with European standards of design and production, so you really have no worries during use.

Our production and marketing is of the highest quality car wash systems. We regard employees as the company’s most valuable asset, to provide staff with the best working environment and a comprehensive compensation and benefits. And continue to absorb talented individuals to join the team, merit, entrusted with the task, develop talent advantage. Stimulate their sense of mission, unite their sense of belonging, to strengthen their sense of responsibility, and employees a sense of accomplishment.

We base ourselves on the domestic market, focusing international market. We have established a sound system of network of authorized dealers by region, to provide users with the nearest inspection, wherever they buy, so that users get the most quality, convenient and fast service.

Nissan Clean India Pvt. Ltd. in industrial auto car wash equipment is committed to providing high quality, high performance and high intelligence automatic car wash system. We are supplying OEM and Private Service centers. With experienced professional technical team, we developed the stable at Quality and advanced Fully Automatic Car Wash Systems. The Continuous Innovation Concept helps us to become at The Pioneer and Leader in Car Wash Industrial in India.

High-Pressure-Pre-wash-for-under-chassis-and-wheels. Pre-Wash-1 Pre-Wash-2 A-variety-of-spray-washing-liquid Automatic-detection-of-Length-and-Width-of-the-vehicle Magic-Color-Shampoo High-Pressure-Wash-2 High-Pressure-Wash-3 Crystal-Coating-WaxOriginal-embedded-fast-drying-system