Thailand PTT gas station ordered Leisuwash Leibao360 automatic brushless car wash machine have been installed completely, the owner of the station says: Leibao360 washing machine is very good with luxury appearance, is the most intelligent automatic washing equipment which I’ve seen, installation engineer is also very professional. It’s the future of car wash.



brushless car washing

high pressure car wash

auto car wash

automatic vehicle washing


Thailand Public Company (PTT Limited), also known as the Thailand Petroleum Administration (Authority of Thailand PTT, Petroleum), is one of the two major departments under the Thailand industrial department (bureau of mineral resources and Oil Management Bureau). PTT as one economic entity, on behalf of the government in Thailand and land areas of expert makes management of the resources of oil and natural gas, its main business is: responsible governments with oil resources exploration and development; responsible for the storage and distribution of the petroleum refining and oil; responsible for petroleum, transportation management and natural gas processing etc.. PTT headquarters is located in capital city Bangkok/Thailand, is a government controlled listing Corporation.