Dated 8th, April, 2016, job well done in Taiwan, thanks for the biggest effort of our Taiwan Agency Mr Hu, you have a great team !

This touch free car wash machine was installed in┬áTaichung City East petrol station, it’s a very busy traffic area, Mr Hu said:” today when just finished the installation, it has washed 73 cars in the afternoon, and surely can exceed 100 cars the whole day”. The owner of the petrol station is also very satisfied with Leisuwash equipment, and planning to install Leisuwash in other chain petrol stations.

This is the 2nd Leisuwash touch free car wash system in Taiwan, we believe with the support from our agency, more and more customers there will choose Leisuwash.

20160408194466946694_lb360 automatic washing vehicle car wash room Christ wash system laserwash 360 in China Taiwan Leisuwash auto car wash vehicle washing automatic