February 2nd, 2016, the No.213 SINOPEC gas station “AutoMall car service mall ” locate¬†in Hangzhou Qiutao Road start trial operation. ¬†AutoMall car service will provide customers unprecedented quality experience through industry-leading technical expertise. Expected by the end of 2016, China SINOPEC and Baolide Group will expand 200 “AutoMall car service mall ” in Zhejiang province, and explore the future development of the automotive after-market services through cross-marketing and other business cooperation model.

AutoMall car service has 26 independent intellectual property rights, the overall structure of a multi-mode Enclosure, equipped with sewage treatment plant, using leading environmental steam washing technology to maximize the conservation of water resources. Through integrated design Internal piping leading innovative sense, provides the ability to quickly copy platform, transit from the tank to be put into use only 2-3 days, the whole process efficiency, energy saving, fast, and environmentally friendly.

20160202172214031403_lb360 20160202172257925792_lb360 automatic car wash in petrol station

brushless car wash automatic


20160202172259695969_lb360car wash LED light car wash system OverGlow touch free car wash with LED light touchless car wash OverGlow

Dated 21th, Feb, 2016, the president of SINOPEC with some other leaders visit Automall project and give big compliment.




SINOPEC Automall project Rendering


SINOPEC Automall project under construction