Moy-ka is a professional car wash company from Russia voronezh city, which running self serve car wash business in whole Russia.

Russian moy-ka self serve car wash with Leisuwash self serve car wash bay self serve car washing self service car wash bay self service car washing self service vehicle wash

During the March of 2015, the leadership group of Moy-ka came to visit Leisuwash and ordered a demo machine for testing.

20160423092114991499_lb360 Leisuwash self serve payment system leisuwash payment system Leisuwash touch free in Russia automatic car wash Moy-ka Leisuwash in Russia voronezh

After one year demonstration, Leisuwash automatic car wash performance convince the customers, according to customer’s requirement, we will make some customization for Moy-ka future wash system orders, for supporting Moy-ka 24 hours self-serve car wash business, and we are happily signed a new cooperation contract.

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