Sword X1, X2 Automatic Car Wash Machine Touch Free ( Leisuwash )

Leisuwash Sword X1 automatic car wash machine

Leisuwash Sword X2 touch free car washing


Leisuwash Sword X1, X2 touch free vehicle wash systems provide customer a lower operating cost to deliver the best industry return on investment.

The proven design of Sword X1, X2 was kept simple and easy to maintain, it’s built of non-corrosive stainless steel body with galvanized frames and provide owners long life time using.

The standard package of Sword X1, X2 configured colorful lighting system, wheel and under chassis washing system, 360° detergent application and 360° high pressure washing.

Sword X1 under chassis wash

Sword X1 detergent application

Sword X1 high pressure wash

Customers also could select magic shampoo , water wax system or air drying system as optional which are more value added, buy Sword series car wash machines optional items to improve your competitive advantage in car washing.

Sword X1 optionals

Sword X1 polish shampoo

Sword X1 air drying

sword X1 wax application

Sword X1, X2 wash systems suit for various auto dealers, car service shops, gas stations, and self-serve car washing, X2 provide a faster wash speed than X1.

Sword X2 car wash system

Sword X2

User-Friendly Design

* Automatic collision avoidance system

* Faulty self detection

* Data report

Sword user friendly

Leisuwash Sword X1 – International Suppliers

Leisuwash Sword series car wash machines adpot world-class technology with proven quality, most spare parts come from international famous brands,  such as Taiwan WULI high pressure water pump, German Siemens motors, French Schneider electrical components, American SPRAY nozzles, American Deublin rotate joint, American Parker high pressure hose, Japan NSK bearings, German PEPPERL+FUCHS sensors, Taiwan Delta PLC control system, Taiwan AIRTEC pneumatic components, Italy SITI reducer. Reliable technology and quality can guarantee stable performance of wash machines.

Sword parts 1

German Siemens Motor, Taiwan WULI WH-10120 pump, Italy SITI reducer, German NORD IP65 waterproof motor

Sword parts 2

American PARKER high pressure hose, American SPRAY nozzles, Japan NSK bearings, 304 stainless steel rotate arm

Sword parts 3

Taiwan DELTA PLC, French SCHNEIDER inverter, French SCHNEIDER electricals, German PEPPERL+FUCHS sensors

Sword parts 4

American Deublin rotate joint, Taiwan AIRTEC air components, 304 stainless steel housing, Hot dip galvanized frames

Leisuwash Sword X1 – Convenient Installation

Sword series car wash machines is very convenient for both indoor and outdoor installation, can easily install at 4S car shops, car service shops, gas stations, and self-serve car wash places, machine required a space with length 6.5 meters, width 3.3 meters, 3 meters height.

Leisuwash Sword X1 installation size


Leisuwash Sword X1 3D view

Leisuwash Sword X1 3D view

Technical Parameters

Machine size 2680mm*910mm*670mm
Water pump size 1200mm*700mm*600mm
Rail length 6000mm
Min Mounting Dimensions ( length*width*height ) 6500mm*3000mm*3000mm
Max car wash size ( length*width*height ) 5900mm*2600mm*2000mm
Power Requirements 380V/16Kw, 50Hz/60Hz
Central processor Industrial PLC dual core system
Drive System Stepless frequency control
Detection system Ultrasonic sensor system
Pre-soak consumption 100ML/Car
Water consumption 180L/Car
Electricity consumption 0.5 KW·H/Car

Leisuwash Sword X1, X2 Automatic car wash demonstration video.